AdIntel Insights: Hot Advertiser Alert – TUYOO GAME

This week we are highlighting an app developer doing very well recently.


TUYOO GAME leading titles presented as images: Panda cube smash, fish blast, solitaire tripeaks and fish blast 3d

This developer specializes in games that pay rewards for users as they play and seem to stick to cute animals and characters.

#3 by Budget and #2 for Budget Increase

Screenshot from the AdIntel dashboard showing the latest trends

Tuyoo was able to get the bronze medal last week for overall budget and silver for budget increase. This is driven mainly by 3 titles:

  • Panda cube smash
  • Fish blast
  • Solitaire Tripeaks

Out of these – we will focus on Panda cube.

Focus on Rewarded Videos

Analyzing the first aspect of Panda cube strategy allows us to see that most of the creatives are of the rewarded video type. We can also see that the strategy produces high CTR for TUYOO.

AdIntel dashboard snapshot with creatives for selected advertiser
Screenshot from ad intel – viewing the creative distribution

Videos and Playables

Effective creatives became one of the most important aspects of marketing in the last 12 months. Here is one of the top videos for Panda Cube.

And here is the top playable ad.

Networks before DSPs

We can see that TUYOO is pushing Panda cube aggressively through networks rather than through DSP and programatic buying. UnityAds seems to lead in terms of number of impressions but is losing some steam to another provider.

3 visuals including share of wallet chart for Ad Servers, DSP vs. Network usage and Network breakdown
AdIntel dashboard screenshot showing channel distribution

Publisher Targeting

The chart below shows a focus on other “make money” publishers but getting the highest performance performance with publishers featuring restaurent simulation games.

Bar chart and pie chart showing the main KPIs related to publisher categories
AdIntel screenshot showing publisher targeting

Device Targeting

The last piece of TUYOO strategy is what devices they are targeting. We can see that most of their ads show up while users are holding their phone in landscape mode. At the same time there seems to be more ads being shown in devices that have 720 pixels screen height – about 3x more than their normal share of voice. Devices with 720 pixels tend to be cheaper models. It’s possible that TUYOO target uneducated poor people. Alternatively, this could be a result of low bids with no rules that take the device model into account so their bid win in situation where competition is low.

2 pie charts. One showing portrait vs. landscape and the other one showing the breakdown into screen resolution in terms of number of pixels
Screenshot from AdIntel – Device targeting

Also on Youtube

If you are a fan of the video content – we also have this blog post available for you in the form of a recorded walkthrough session.

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