Heatmaps Battle – Episode vs. Facebook Ads

This week we launched super exciting feature into beta – click heatmaps. This has been in the works for quite some time so we are happy to finally release it. Naturally we are celebrating it with a new blog post about the subject. We will compare heatmaps for 2 ad experiences on both ends of the spectrum.

Ad Heatmap – Messenger by Facebook

Using AdIntel we can see where user click on a given ad. This is used to chart the click locations on a 2 dimensional chart which can then be overlayed on the ad.

Heatmap overlayed on top of a facebook messenger ad.
Illustration of what overlaying the heatmap on top of the ad would look like – not part of the product today.

In the case of Facebook’s ads for their messenger app we can see that most of the clicks are in the area we consider as a high quality click location while there are a few clicks that are obvious attempts to close the ad and simply missed the location of the x button by a few pixels.

The platform itself looks slightly different. In AdIntel these are two separate images that one can snap and overlay like I did. Here is the actual view from AdIntel

Screenshot from AdIntel showing the heatmap feature on the right and a table with all ads on the left
Screenshot from AdIntel dashboard while “Messenger” app is selected

Obviously, AdIntel lets you see the ad creative itself. In this case here is a direct link to the ad. In the dashboard, this is done by right clicking on the ad name and choosing “Show Ad”.


Ad Heatmap – Episode by Pocketgems

You might have guessed that the heatmap for this one will look slightly different. Let’s see exactly.

We can see that in this case, most of the clicks are actually attempts to close the ad that have trouble hitting the X button. This could be a result of a very small trigger area around the x button surrounded by a ‘catch-all’ click area that leads to the app store.

To see the ad video you can follow this link.

In AdIntel, the view is slightly different as mentioned before. The heatmap is displayed as a chart and one will need to overlay them offline or in his mind.

AdIntel snapshot – Heatmaps feature

High IPM with misleading ad

One might think that users who click very close to the X button of the ad have made up their mind that this app is not for them. In reality, this type of ads are actually generating very high ratio of installs to impressions (IPM).

So the obvious conclusion here is that while this experience might feel quite negative from a user and from a publisher perspective, from an advertiser perspective it’s been rewarded with high performance.

Above and beyond

So if you are following our progress with AdIntel you might have already realized that AdIntel is a new breed of Ad Intelligence with unparalleled access to KPI data that makes the alternatives look boring and ineffective.

Today we are taking this one step further and are showing a glimpse into what the future holds in the Ad Intelligence market. Our deep ad inspection technology allows us to generate more powerful insights about ad engagement and what you see today is only the tip of the iceberg. There is more coming and we will continue releasing new features every week.

If you are serious about mobile advertising you should give AdIntel a chance and check it out for yourself. You can set a time for a demo or take the self-serve route, we would love to help either way.


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