IDFA-14 Minimal Impact on SOOMLA

This is an email we sent our customers earlier this week. We are posting it on our blog so other interested parties could access the information as well.

Dear Customer,

As most of you have heard already, Apple made a move that will likely neutralize the IDFA as an effective identifier for advertising purposes. I covered my thoughts about what this means for the industry in this blog post.

I’m sure, however, that the more pressing question on your mind is the impact on your SOOMLA implementation.

Let’s start with a few basics related to the SOOMLA core service:

  1. SOOMLA does not rely on IDFA for any ad revenue attribution calculations
  2. Our ability to send ad revenue data to attribution platforms is based on the ID systems of the attribution providers and not on IDFA so that ability will not be impacted as well
  3. Most of our customers have their own system for identifying users that is not IDFA based. We are sending the revenue to BI systems of customers based on that ID system and not based on IDFA. 
  4. Some customers don’t have an internal way to identify users so our SDK has 2 levels of fallback:
    1. IDFA
    2. IDFV

Effectively this means that even customers that do not have their own ID system will most likely not have to change the SOOMLA implementation (see more information about this below)

Customers who don’t have an internal way to identify users

  • To know for sure if your current SOOMLA implementation is defaulting to IDFA you can contact your customer success manager at SOOMLA and receive this information.
  • We are working to verify that:
    • The fallback will automatically switch over to IDFV without a need to change the SOOMLA implementation
    • There will be no data issues as a result of this switch over (IDFA—> IDFV)
    • We will confirm the answers by the end of next week (July 10th)
  • Our recommendation for new apps will be to develop an internal ID system and populate the UID so you are not dependent on market forces for your analytics. Here are the relevant docs:

There will be an impact on our ability to send data directly to ad networks and media channels as those rely heavily on IDFA. Specifically:

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads manager (Including Ad whale audiences)

Also, the implementation of the data pipelines to some of the Analytics platforms is based on IDFA. Specifically:

  • Impacted:
    • Amplitude
    • Facebook Analytics
    • Tenjin
  • Not impacted:
    • Leanplum
    • Detla DNA

Here is a summary table:

Should you have any questions about this subject, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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