High IPM Ads and High Volume Apps

Whenever someone shows me a high ratio I want to know the volume. It could be a growth ratio, marketing ROI metric or CPM but regardless of the KPI – high ratio values are easy to achieve when volumes are low.

We can think about IPM and volume of budget in the form of magic quadrants. Being in the top right corner is the goal of pretty much any app company and any ad creative that was ever made to promote mobile apps.

Feature highlight – power filter

Finding ad creatives that combine high IPM with high volume is exactly why we included a feature in AdIntel that let you sort for IPM and filter for only high volume advertisers.

The settings presented in the snapshot will only include apps that have made it to the top 50 in terms of ad budget in one of the categories:

  • United States / iOS
  • United States / Android,
  • Non-US / iOS
  • Non-Android / iOS

In this post we will explore ads that have high IPM values without sacrificing volume.

Escape Masters by Playgendary

Screenshot from AdIntel dashboard

This ad popped up as the first ad on iOS when we applied the filtering options above. It has an impressive IPM of 139.4.

Link to the full ad experience

It’s a combination of a video ad with an interactive End Card and is served by Vungle.

We can also use AdIntel to learn more about the app itself. We can see that the overall IPM is 66 while the CPI in US is $0.74.

Screenshot from AdIntel dashboard

Looking at the creative strategy for Escape masters shows us that they are focused on Interstitial-playables and also getting high performance with this combo. The ad with the highest IPM is the same one getting most of the budget.

Screenshot from AdIntel dashboard

Tower Run by Voodoo

Another ad that leads the chart for iOS is this one for Tower run by Voodoo. It generates more than 100 installs for every 1,000 impressions

Link to full ad experience

The ad starts with a video that combines both game play with raw footage and is then followed by a playable end card.

Daily Scratch

Screenshot from AdIntel dashboard

Moving on to the Android charts, one of the top ads in terms of IPM that promotes a game in the top 50 is this one to the left.

Link to full ad experience

The ad for Daily scratch focuses mostly on the opportunity to win money by playing the game. It features footage of people winning alongside gameplay.

Step Youger by Keep Walking

Screenshot from AdIntel dashboard

This ad for Step Younger features all the consumer products you could buy with the money you will earn simply for warlking.

Link to full ad experience

The ad has an IPM of almost 80 which puts it quite close to the top of the charts.

Like many other apps that have high IPM – this app pays users money simply for opening and keeping it open. Unlike other apps, this is not a game but rather an activity tracker for your walks and runs.

PlaySpot by Playspot.io

Screenshot from AdIntel dashboard

Playspot is another app that made it to the top 50 and their ad is getting over 73 installs for every 1,000 impressions. This ranks them high and to the right in our magic quadrants chart.

Link to full ad experience

The ad features gameplay elements combined with cash accumulation element and an excited user in the bottom right corner. To wrap things up the ad gives the user an opportunity to play via an interactive end card.

See it in video

If you don’t like reading – here is the entire blog post in a video. Enjoy!

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