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On June 22nd, Apple announced iOS-14 which is expected to be released between Sep 14th to Sep 18th. One of the changes Apple will introduce upon iOS-14 release is Opt-Out Pop-Up prompts from IDFA tracking. This announcement sent most of the companies in mobile advertising to redesign large portions of their systems while many speculations have been made as to the impact of this move.

So while everyone in mobile advertising is talking about the IDFA changes in iOS-14 we noticed there is actually very little data and insights on this subject. This is why we are adding a special section in the Benchmarks tab of AdIntel. You will be able to find:

  • Monetization levels for users who have opted in and out from IDFA
  • Opt-out by country, publisher genre, device model and operating system version
  • Daily trends about how many users have opted out

If you want to get access to this dashboard you can do it for free for 7 days and then get another 7 days for $100. After that you will only be able to see the data if you subscribe for one of the AdIntel plans.


Does IDFA opt-out hurt monetization?

From a publisher standpoint, the first thing to know is what is the relationship between opt-out and monetization. Do users who opt-out monetize worse or better. Apart from planning future marketing investments and financial viability of the product portfolio, publishers also want to know how much they should invest in optimizing the opt-out popup experience.

In the new section of AdIntel you will find:

  • eCPM for users who opt-in / opt-out
  • ARPDAU for users who opt-in / opt-out
  • Daily ad impressions per user who opt-in / opt-out
AdIntel snapshot – full chart available in the dashboard

The opt-out rate once iOS 14 is out

The actual user response to the prompts is still for the most part unknown. Once iOS 14 hit the general population publishers will be able to see what the impact is on their app of course but that is still 3 weeks away. In AdIntel we made a special section that tracks IDFA opt-out rates by iOS version. You will be able to find:

  • Data about IDFA opt-out in version iOS-14 based on the beta users that already have it installed
  • As the new version is released you will be able to track closely and be one of the first to know
  • Benchmarks based on over 100M users for opt-out rates so you can compare to the rates in your own app
AdIntel snapshot – full chart available in the dashboard

Find the opportunities in the market

As you can imagine, users from different countries and in different publisher genres respond differently to the prompts. Understanding the differences in opt-out levels could uncover various threats and opportunities for your business. In the new section of AdIntel you will find:

  • IDFA Opt out per country
  • IDFA Opt out per publisher genre
  • IDFA opt out per device model
AdIntel snapshot – full chart available in the dashboard

Daily trend – see changes as they happen

As iOS-14 rolls out there will be an abundance of data about how users react to the prompts. However, it could take a while before the data is available to you based on your own systems and industry reports. If you want to be one of the first to know, AdIntel has you covered. We will aggregate the data on a daily basis and make it available in our benchmarks dashboard.

The video option

Feel free to enjoy the same content on Youtube as well

Moving as fast as the industry we are in

When the industry moves fast, you want a market intelligence partner that can move fast with it. Stop relaying on old systems that were built 10 years ago. A new bread of intelligence tools is already available and is waiting for you to try it out.


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