Announcing Ad Quality Dashboard

Exciting news today, following our promise in June’s post about Ad quality to deliver a full dashboard by Sep 30th we are announcing today the first version 3 weeks ahead of time.

Ad Quality Solution Plan vs. Actual

Programmatic data delivery via data dumpsMay 2020COMPLETED
MVP dashboard – functional but doesn’t look nice
+ Watchlist / Denylist alerts
July 31st 2020COMPLETED July 21st
Full dashboard – functional and looks niceSep 30th 2020COMPLETED Sep 7th

See it for yourself

If you are interested to know what’s included you can sign up for a demo and even get a dashboard with mock data to play around with.


What’s included in this version

Here are some of the features you should expect with this release:

  • Creative review
    • Snapshots of the ads in gallery view
    • Full review mode for video and playable experiences
    • Powerful filters
    • Creative IDs
  • Watchlist alerts
    • Configure by developer, app name, or category
    • Receive by slack or email
  • Creative UX drill down
    • CTR and QCTR reporting
    • Heatmaps and timeline distribution
    • Clicks trigger distribution
  • Advertiser inspection
    • Aggregation by advertiser level
    • Full KPI reporting including CPM, CTR, and revenue
    • Advertiser churn reporting – showing you apps that take your users away
  • User Journey (premium feature)
    • Full log of ad activity once UID is entered

Dashboard showcase – Creative inspection

Here is an animated gif to show you what the creative review screen looks like. You may notice the filtering options, the gallery view, the full review mode, and the creative ids.

Dashboard showcase – Alerts Configuration

As you can expect, alerts are an important feature for ad quality-related use cases. Using the dashboard you can configure alerts based on matching app name, developer name, or category. Alerts can be received by email or slack.

Dashboard Showcase – Creatives UX

We added some new features to this section and it is the most powerful solution to identify bad creative UX. Here you can see:

  • Whether the CTR of an ad is abnormal
  • Bounce rate – do users bounce back quickly after clicking?
  • Heatmaps – are users clicking near the X button?
  • Identify auto-redirects with two unique visuals:
    • Click distribution over time
    • Click triggers drill down

Advertisers and Churn Report

Dedicated screen allowing you to monitor advertisers in your app. This screen includes critical monetization information broken down to the advertiser level.

The big news on the advertisers front is the new version of the churn report. It includes:

  • Improved churn attribution model
  • More powerful filters
  • Account level reporting for publishers with many apps

Dashboard Showcase – User Journey

The user journey feature allows publishers to view a full log of the user ad interactions by entering his user ID. This is extremely powerful when responding to support tickets if your support system includes a user ID in the ticket. The feature is data heavy and so is a premium feature for publishers who want to give the best support experience to their app customers.

Waitlist – 6 slots are gone but 6 slots remain

We are currently limiting onboarding to 2 customers every month for the Ad Quality solution. There are only 6 slots left until the end of the year and we are receiving a lot of interest for them so we expect they will get grabbed in the next 30 days.

Mediation Agnostic

We accept customers of all mediation platforms so regardless of your monetization choice you can enjoy the best Ad Quality solution in the market.


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