Mintegral – The Impact of Fraud Accusations

On August 24th breaking news hit the mobile monetization ecosystem as a company called snyk accused Mintegral, a Chinese ad provider at having malicious components. The news was reported by Forbes here

While many turned to Apple expecting action on their part to police the situation, Apple’s response was that they have found no evidence that Mintegral is harming users. Apple, however, missed the point and while the user impact is questionable, many other ad platforms felt that Mintegral’s practices are causing them commercial damage. This led to most major mediation platform terminating Mintegral’s participation in their stack.

This blog is going to use AdIntel to understand the impact of the negative publicity and the actions taken by some of the platforms on Mintegral’s Market share and monetization levels.


Market Impact – US / Interstitial

The first aspect we wanted to look into is the US market share.

We compared 2 periods of time – before and after the news:

  • 3 weeks before – Aug 2nd to Aug 22nd
  • 3 weeks after – Aug 23rd – Sep 12th

The US market share in iOS was 7.75% before and came down significantly to 2.78% while eCPM levels were also going down. In android the market share was small to begin with and went down almost to 0 after the news.

Market Impact – China / Interstitial

With Mintegral’s headquarters located in China it’s no surprise that this is also it’s strongest territory. The consequences here were not as drastic but definitely significant.

  • Market share – Mintegral went down from 20.17% to 11.93% when comparing 3 weeks before and after the news
  • eCPM levels also went down slightly

Note that Android numbers are not reported for China since the Google Play store is not the dominant one in China.

Market Impact – China / RV

While Mintegral’s market share for rewarded video format in US was not significant in China they were actually quite strong. The impact before/after the news:

  • 3 weeks before – 11.82% market share
  • 3 weeks after – 7.77% market share

Impact on the demand side

While the focus of this post has been more on the publisher/supply side of Mintegral. We also noticed an impact on the demand side. It seems that some of the advertisers have canceled campaigns:

  • In US/iOS
    • We see a decline of about 25% in the number of advertised apps
    • Decline of over 50% in number of ad creatives used
  • In China/iOS
    • we see a decline of 30-40% in the number of advertised apps
    • Decline of about 40% in number of ad creatives used by advertisers

So the impact is apparent on both the demand and supply side and might create a spiral affect where the negative impact on one side translates into more negative impact on the other side

The video option

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