The Shift in Lily’s Garden Marketing Strategy

We have been noticing Lily’s garden for a few weeks now but this last week the game made it to #2 in our budget charts for quite a few combinations including:

  • Android – Overall – US
  • iOS – Overall – US
  • iOS – Overall – Global

This post is about Lily’s garden marketing strategy as well as about the shift we have seen in the last month.

Lily’s Garden

This game combines match-3 elements with garden decoration meta-game. This genre’s most famous game is Garden Scapes but the Copenhagen based studio – Tactile Games is doing a good job at it and created a real competition for the leader – Playrix.

Creative Strategy

One of the most important aspects of a marketing strategy for mobile apps these days is the creatives. In this case Tactile are spending most of their budget on rewarded videos but actually seeing the best performance with playable ads.


Top Creatives

Let’s inspect the top Playable ad for Lily’s garden. You can see the full experience here.

The ad combines the same riddling technique we have seen from other games in that genre to make it appear more casual. However, the creatives do a good job in tying up the riddles to the actual gameplay.

Looking at the top video here.

The ad focuses mostly on the dramatic elements in the narrative. The main character apparently lost her loved one and this aspect of the story is leading most of the video ads and does a good job in getting the user emotionally involved.

Main KPIs

Looking at the IPM and CPI for Lily’s garden it seems to be aligned with other titles in the space. Most of their budget for iOS is going into the US market. This is in contrast to some other titles in the genre who focus more internationally.

Channel Mix – The shift in strategy

One of the recent additions to AdIntel allows you to see share of wallet for different traffic sources. In the case of Lily’s garden it reveals an intersting shift. If we look at the leftmost bar from 3 months ago – the biggest source was Ironsource and alongside them and Google Chartboost, Unity and Vungle were strong in the mix.

The picture from the last 4 weeks is quite different with more than 80% of the budget going to Google and very little going to the other channels.

OS and Device Targeting

If we look at the OS targeting mix. Most of the budget goes into newer operating systems and it looks like Tactile are willing to pay up to 60% more to users who have more recent OS versions.

A big ratio of the budget goes into ads that end up on iPad devices. It’s unclear if this is intentional but this is in fact quite different compared to other titles in this genre.

Deep inspection for marketing strategies

There are many tools that provide competitive intelligence but there is only one that provides deep insights about the marketing strategy of each app. AdIntel is a one of a kind tool with insights that can’t be found anywhere else. If you haven’t tried it yet now is the time. Its ok to decide against it but doing so without knowing what you are missing is like going blindfolded into the war.

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