5 Non-Hypercasual Games with CPI Below $0.5

From the very first minute companies started to market their apps in the app store they have been obsessed with CPI and LTV. There is a good reason for it – if you know these two you know if your app unit economics are profitable and that’s a good basis to scale up from and become profitable as a company. Obviously for any company, the lower the CPI the better but in fact lower CPIs are normally reserved for hypercasual games. In this article, we will use AdIntel to find apps that have been buying US Installs below $0.5 CPI that are not so hypercasual.

And one note before we begin – hypercasual is not an official app store category and so naturally some people might disagree with others about what qualifies as hypercasual. We evaluated the following attributes to determine how casual a game is:

  • The publisher – hens lay eggs and VOODOO makes hypercasual games so the bar is higher for publishers who associated with hypercasual
  • Production quality – how good the graphics are and how deep are the virtual worlds that were created
  • Retention potential – does it look like the game has the potential to keep users for a long time like Subway Surfers or Candy Crush have done so well
  • Game mechanics – some mechanics are highly associated with hypercasual games

Stories: Love and Choices by Boke

This narrative based game demonstrates production quality we don’t see in hypercasual. It’s made by a publisher that is not associated with the hypercasual scene and it looks like it has some depth to it.

According to AdIntel the CPI for this game is $0.42 with IPM over 50.

If you want to see many more details about each of these games – what creatives they use, what channels etc. You can try AdIntel for free for 7 days.


Groovepad by Easybrain

This one hardly even qualifies as a game. It is more of a DJ app but it’s very playful and made by Easybrain so we decided to include it. There is nothing about this app that feels hypercasual actually. It does look like it has a lot of depth – over 1M reviews on Google Play! The publisher is associated with long retention games such as Sudoku and Solitaire.

CPI according to AdIntel is $0.47 in US and IPM over 15

Baby & Mom Pregnancy Simulator by Gismart

Gismart are mostly known for music apps. This app is an attempt in a different direction – Idle game. While some people may say that Idle clickers are not so different than Hyper casual we believe they are. They tend to have more depth and longer retention and while the initial mechanic is rapid tapping mostly of the idle games quickly evolve from there and require the user to identify bottlenecks and remove them.

According to AdIntel, the android version of this app is able to get CPIs as low as $0.5 in US while generating 34 installs for every 1,000 impressions.

Dinosaur Rampage by Geisha

So yes, Geisha is highly associated with hypercasual games. Specifically, the ones that simulate arts&crafts. This game, however, feels like something new for them. The production quality is not AAA but also feels higher than hypercasual apps. The depth still requires some work but it feels like there is some potential here.

AdIntel reports the CPI for this one as $0.47 in US.

Idle Painter by Say Games

Another Idle game that makes the list is this Idle painter by Say Games. It feels like the quality here is quite high and while we haven’t played it it’s easy to see how adding more and more items to paint will add quite a lot of depth to this game.

With an IPM of 15, the android version of this app gets US installs for a few cents below $0.5 as reported by AdIntel

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