AdIntel Case Study – Single Ad Creative Leads to 5X Growth

This blog post goes back to the basics of why we even started AdIntel. We knew that generating high-performance ad creatives was key to success but not even in our wildest dreams we could have imagined such an outstanding return on using AdIntel. The publisher that is going to stay anonymous has grown over 5X in revenues in 1 month and even more when comparing the run rate based on daily revenue. The trick they used is super simple and can be done by pretty much any publisher that has access to AdIntel.


Problem – competition choking campaigns

There are over 4M apps in the app stores today so like many publishers, this one is facing fierce competition from other publishers. Many games that look similar already exist in the market and they all have advertising budgets. When our customer was opening up new campaigns they were quickly getting “choked” and weren’t delivering daily budgets.

The reason that some campaigns are getting chocked in competitive situations is that every time a user in some other publisher apps triggers an ad request to the network, the network algorithms have to chose one ad to show. The campaign is competing with other campaigns by companies with similar apps. Since the ad network algorithms are built to maximize revenue they automatically find the best performing ad creative across all campaigns of similar apps and would prioritize that ad creative over others. So a good ad creative gets a lot of exposure while chocking campaigns of other apps.

Solution – high performing creatives

Well, obviously a higher-performing creative will solve any marketers delivery problem. In reality, most app marketers these days are spending 10-15% of their marketing budget in creative production and generate dozens if not hundreds of creative variations every month. Naturally, most of these have average performance. Hitting the jackpot in the form of ad creative with a higher IPM ratio is rare. That is unless you have some inside information.

The publisher acquired a license for AdIntel. Sure, it’s a bit expensive but as you will soon see the revenue growth in a single day was a few times more than the price of the license so ROI on the license price was ridiculously high.

AdIntel dashboard allowed him to sort ad creatives according to their performance. Highest IPM, Highest CTR, or biggest budget. By inspecting the highest IPM ads, the publisher recognized an ad with an IPM over 50 that was promoting its direct competitor. Obviously, this ad wasn’t only working well for the competitor but was also part of the reason why campaigns were getting choked for our customer. By leveraging similar creative concepts and user experiences our customer was able to create a single ad that boosted campaign delivery more than 10X for him. Budgets were hitting daily caps and users were installing the game in masses.

Result – 5X revenue lift month to month

As you can see in the chart below, the customer had a complete turnaround situation. The revenue in September was lower than $30K and in October it is already over $150K. The impact on daily revenue is even bigger as you can see.

In other words, the publisher was not only hitting daily budgets on its ad campaigns but also getting quality users and high ROI with the new ad creatives.

As a side bonus, he is now choking its competitors campaigns.


Publishers often have problems scaling their campaigns in competitive categories. The ability to overcome these obstacles is highly related to creative production. Having a team of 5 designers doing hundreds of ad creatives per month will surely help you win the campaign optimization battle. There is a more cost effective way with 1-2 designers and the best ad intelligence tool in the market.

Don’t believe us – see what others are saying

We are leveraging G2 to collect feedback from customers. Here are some reviews that customers shared:

To be honest, we are not surprised. The tool generates amazing ROI for customers and most of them are performing thousands of monthly queries. You should really try it if you haven’t yet.

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