Announcing No-SDK Ad Quality

“We love installing new SDKs” said no one ever. We get that and this is why we are excited to make our 3rd big product announcement this year – SOOMLA is launching a No-SDK Ad Quality solution. Yes – you heard it right. This is one of a kind, first to market solution that allows you to proactively reduce ad quality issues in your app without installing an SDK.

Who is this solution for?

This solution is made first and foremost for app publishers who are looking for a light weight Ad Quality solution. Imagine the monetization manager of a big company who wants to prevent ad quality issues but can’t get the resources to implement a new SDK.

It’s also a great tool for advertisers who want to understand if their ads get flagged by publishers and cause them to lose distribution.

But it really doesn’t stop there. Since the solution is SDKless, it can also benefit different parties in the ecosystem who doesn’t even have an app. May it be a mediation platform, an exchange or an ad network who doesn’t have all the internal tools to monitor Ad Quality and wants to proactively clean up bad sources or direct advertisers.

The new solution is currently offered under the AdIntel envelope so you can try it for free for 7 days alongside other cool features


What’s included?

This is a powerful system with many capabilities and it’s just the beginning as we will add more capabilities. Here is what is being released today:

  • Competitive advertisers
    • Find advertisers who have been highly active last week
    • Search by genre
    • Trigger a block request to the ad network
  • Restricted content categories
    • Ads with politics, drug or gambling content can be easily detected
    • With a few clicks you can ask for them to be blocked
  • Ads with problematic UX
    • Detect ads with High CTR, High bounce rate or ones that generates clicks automatically
    • Find ads that users have problems closing
    • Drill down to see more details
    • Ask the ads to be blocked with just a few clicks

More details about each of these below

Competitive advertisers

Let’s say you have a match-3 app and you are already blocking King and Playrix apps in that genre. You will be surprised to see dozens of apps in the “matching” genre with big ad budgets. More importantly, there are new ones each week. This feature allows you to spot them early and decide if you want to keep them.

See an ad you would like to block? You can ask specific ads to be blocked or

Ads from restricted content categories

Assuming your app has a policy around ad content categories there could be 2 ways to go about it:

  • Wait for ads to show up in your app and then ask partners to block them
  • Leverage the community to find ads that should be blocked before they even show up in your app

Our SDKless Ad Quality solution is more about the 2nd option. It allows you to find ads that match offensive or adult content categories. We currently support the following filters: Politics, Gambling, Drug/Smoking. We are planning to add more categories in the future.

And as with all other types of unwanted ads, you can block them easily with just a few clicks.

Ads that mislead users into clicking

There are multiple ways to detect this but it all comes down to the clicking experience. There are 4 visuals in the Ad Quality section:

  • High CTR – Ads where over 50% of the users who watch the ad click on them.
  • High Bounce Rate – Over 80% of the times users click on these ads they regret it and come back within 5 seconds
  • Auto Clicking – Ads where the app store redirect or app store dialog happens regardless of whether the user touched the screen in at least 50% of the ad views
  • Abnormal click timing – Ad creatives with over 50% of the clicks occurring within a single second from the beginning of the ad

Creatives that can’t be closed

As a publisher of mobile apps, one of the promises you make to your users when you show them ads is that they can close unwanted ads. This becomes a lot harder these days as ads become more aggressive. This new section in AdIntel allows you to spot ads with bad closing experience:

  • Problematic X Button – 50% of the clicks on these ads are failed attempts to close the ad where the user clicked on the X button and found himself in the app store instead
  • Long Ad durations – Ads where 80% of the users were in the ad longer than reasonable. For interstitials the threshold is 15 seconds and for rewarded it’s 45 seconds

See it in video

Leverage the community to find bad ads

There is really no reason to fight the good fight alone. The joint mission of most publishers, advertisers and providers is a more transparent industry with better ad practices. We believe that our SDKless Ad Quality solution is the first step in a journey to a better industry. See what this is all about and clean some bad ads from your app along the way.

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