3 New Ad Creatives To Notice

A smart person once said “New is always better”. Well, it was Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother so maybe not so smart but still when it comes to ad creatives many advertisers want to see the latest ad creatives every week. It might be because they feel they have already looked at all the 100,000 ad creative that were already available in AdIntel last week. Or maybe they want to see where the wind is blowing. Either way, seeing new ad creatives just got a lot easier as we introduced a new feature – “Last Week Creatives Only” filter.

So for this post we used this filter to find 3 ad creatives that just came out fresh off the oven and besides the good smell they also have cool features you can learn from.


Chat Master!

Cover art

This game by Supersonic allows you to show your chatting skills in a simulated environment. Most of the chats feature high drama situations normally found in narrative based games but this game makes it much more casual and straight forward to be part of the drama. There were quite a few ad creatives launched this week and the one we liked the best is a playable that seem to represent the actual game play quite well while being highly casual at the same time.

Click to Play (Sound on 🎧)

Hill Climb Racing 2

Cover art

Hill Climb Racing 1 seems like it has been here from the very first day of the app store and Hill Climb 2 feels like it’s not that much younger. The game has almost 4M ratings in Google play alone and was downloaded over 100M times. This creative however is new and does a good job of conveying the game play experience in a neatly packed playable experience. It works well on both landscape and portrait modes.

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ASMR Slicing

ASMR Slicing is quite a simple game. You cut stuff. That’s it. I guess giving a kid a sharp knife in reality is quite dangerous and so having the same experience in the safety of this virtual experience is the best of both worlds. The ad itself is highly appealing and I was almost tempted to find a sharp knife and some rubbery toys to cut. It’s a combo of a video with a playable end card so users get to watch and then try it themselves.

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