Auto Redirects in Mobile Ads

We have discussed various ads that get clicked on without anyone clicking on them. Using the new capability from AdIntel to differentiate action types – Storekit vs. redirecting clicks we are now able to zoom in even more on ads that send the user out of the app without any action from the user.

In AdIntel we detected 594 ad creatives that auto redirect users and this is just from the last 7 days.


Further Ad UX drill down

Another new cool feature we have added is the ability to drill down on the ad and see all the various user experience analysis that AdIntel has to offer. To demonstrate that we took one of the 3 top ads generating auto redirects and drilled down on it.

In the chart below you can see that with this ad, almost all the clicks are generated within the the same second from the viewing of the ad.

Drilling down on click triggers

Another chart you can find once you start drilling down is the distribution to triggers for the action. In this case we can see that the action triggers in more than 75% of the cases was not a human touch but rather some sort of automation.

How long does it take to close the ad?

Another aspect of the drill down is not so much related to the automatic clicking but more to the closing of the ad. The chart below shows that with this specific ads, users were unable to close the ad before 16 seconds have passed.

What does the trigger trigger?

Finally, the chart we added recently – the Action types. In this chart you can see that the the triggered action is a full redirect to a destination that is external to the publisher app.

Note about country distribution

One thing that we noticed is that these ads are not so common when filtering for US but you set the country filter on “All” the number increases dramatically. This could be a coincidence or a choice of the responsible party to try and stay under the radar assuming that most of the manual inspection is done on US traffic.

Lead the pack in insights

You can see ad creatives in pretty much any market intelligence platform these days. That however, is far from enough. To be a leader you need to know more and understand the ad user experience. What makes it work and all the tricks used by ad creators and vendors.

AdIntel is the only place to learn more about ad creatives. Level up with leaders such as King, Voodoo and Zynga – start using AdIntel. Free trial available via the button below.


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