Case Study – Games2Win’s Rapid Growth is not an Accident

In this post, we will highlight one of our customers – Games2Win, and learn how they use AdIntel and other tools from SOOMLA to grow their business.


This game company is based in India but targets global markets and specifically the US. Their approach is a portfolio of games rather than a one-hit AAA title. They specialize in racing, dress-up, and narrative games. In the last 2 years, they experience high growth rates and their games have been downloaded more than 350M times.


Bid analysis and price floor recommendation

One of the questions often asked by monetization managers is how to find the optimal price floor levels for their waterfall configuration. Games2Win was not different and in fact, this was the company focus when starting to work with SOOMLA. Games2Win used the Bid distribution report from SOOMLA to learn about opportunities in their waterfall and get ideas for testing. The eCPM improvement was around 10%. Obviously, the ability to improve eCPM is more of a one-time project but the benefits can be enjoyed for years to come as long as some basic maintenance is being kept. The recommendation from Games2Win is to use the Bid distribution report intensively at the beginning and then move to a quarterly cycle of using it every 3 months

Motivating the team with Benchmarks

As some of you know, the process of improving monetization rates such as eCPMs and ARPDAU often requires tedious work on a day to day basis. It’s easy for teams to settle for a certain level of thinking for themselves “this is already good enough”. To combat this pattern, Games2Win is using benchmarks. Using AdIntel they can get not only the average monetization level but also percentile/decile information. This effectively tells them how many publishers have better monetization levels than them and how many they have already passed. This simulated ‘race’ makes it easier to understand if there is potential for further growth.

Comparing on a daily basis

Monetization levels often change overnight when you look at your own stats so it is common for monetization managers to check eCPMs on a daily basis and monitor drops and spikes. Games2Win team is not different but rather than only looking at their own data they are also using the daily benchmarks from AdIntel to identify if the problems are local to their app or happened to others as well.

Custom reports and insights from the team

Finally, the publisher also leverages SOOMLA’s customer success team to build custom reports. This allowed Games2Win to identify optimal price floor levels in their waterfall, identify churn caused by some advertisers, and determine ideal frequency capping.

The keys to success

AdIntel’s primary mission is to allow customers to grow faster via stronger user acquisition channels and better creatives. However, the benchmarks section is a powerful tool for monetization teams, and combined with the No-SDK Ad Quality solution it creates instant value even that is easy to identify even in the trial period. If you are not sure, you can try it yourself with no strings attached.


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