iOS 14 – Data on CPM and Monetization

So much was written about iOS14 and the IDFA deprecation impact that it almost feels like old news by now. However, real data about the impact of iOS14 on monetization is hard to find. This post attempts to fix that by sharing some data from AdIntel.


iOS14 current adoption rates

iOS14 was release on September 16th, almost 3 months ago. By now, more than 75% of users are already on the new operating system and in US it’s over 80% as of now. The stats we will share below are based on over 30M in US and 80M users globally.

Apple Delayed IDFA Enforcement But …

The original message from Apple said that the new guidelines with regards to IDFA will be enforced as soon as iOS14 is out. In a later message, the company softened the blow and delayed enforcement to early 2021. The data, however, shows that users of iOS-14 are almost twice as likely to have IDFA turned off. It’s possible that publishers are already taking measures to stop collecting IDFA on iOS14 regardless of Apple’s enforcement. This could be a move by publishers as they are getting prepared to the new guidelines and limiting their reliance on IDFA to only situations where it isn’t necessary. It is also possible that users of iOS-14 are more aware of the options to limit ad tracking from the settings.

Monetization impact – US

The charts below show monetization levels in US for users who have opted out vs. users who have IDFA still enabled. this data is specific for iOS14 users.

As we can see, the users who have IDFA enabled monetize 10-15% better compared to users who disabled it.

Monetization impact in China is reversed

When we check what happens around the globe, the situation is quite different compared to US. In Japan for example the impact is more drastic and monetization levels for users who opted out are almost 50% lower. At the same time, In China, iOS users who opted out actually monetize better compared to those who have IDFA enabled. One explanation could be that targeting in China was not as reliant on IDFA as Facebook have 0% share of the market and Admob is smaller compared to other territories. This could explain why impact is smaller but not why it’s higher for users who have opted out. The superior monetization levels could be explained by users who bothered to opt-out being more active in general and more engaged with mobile apps.

More detailed insights and benchmarks

If you haven’t tried AdIntel yet, this could be the best timing for you. You can get great insights about iOS14, plan your strategy for 2021 and get benchmarks for your business.


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