List of Gaming Events, Conferences and Expos

If you like Gaming Industry events, this is the resource for you. It seems to update quite frequently which is great. The list focuses on European Events. List of Gaming Events, Conferences and Expos

Consumable, Non Consumable Items and What’s in Between

Since Apple launched its In App Purchase functionality it has been supporting two types of virtual goods: Consumables and Non Consumables. The main difference between these two is their durability. With consumable items the developer expects the user to consume the goods over time and possibly replenish the supply. Tokens, Coins and points are usually consumable goods. Non Consumables...

Apple Settles Parents Claim – Who Wins?

Apple's settlement is a Lose-Lose for both parents and Apple and it will certainly hurt Developers. At least someone walks out of the situation smiling.  

Top 10 Unity Monetization Plugins for Mobile Games

This post is obsolete - Read the updated "Top Unity Monetization Plugins - 2014 Update" post. If you are monetizing your game with ads it's important to get visibility to what drives your revenue stream and analyze ad ltv per cohort. Check out SOOMLA TRACEBACK - Ad LTV as a Service. Learn More Unity is the most popular game engine today and...

CSR Racing Store Analysis

CSR Racing was leading the top grossing charts not too long ago. At the time, It was reported that the game was making 12 million dollars per month from In App Purchases. One might notice that the game play experience is actually very simple and instead of providing a full driving simulation all that is required from the user...