SOOMLA’s New Office Location

Panoramic view from our new location on a stormy day  

SOOMLA Designer is live!!!

We are very pleased to announce a great new tool by SOOMLA. The Store designer is built to maximize mobile game developer happiness. It is basically an easy way to create a in-game store and a full inventory for your game economy in a matter of minutes!!! How is it possible? We have created great looking themes, built economy...

Fairy Theme is Coming

Here is another theme we are adding to the Soomla store designer.  

The Winner is.. Virtual Economy

The SOOMLA Project is about listening to Game developers. We already know that virtual economies are powering over 90% of the top grossing games but we wanted to know how many developers are actually planning on implementing in-game economy in their game and what other alternatives are developers using. We asked our community of Mobile Game Developers the following question...

Scorched Hill Theme is Coming

Another Theme Coming to the Store Designer