Looking to Casually Connect with Humans

Looking forward to Casually Connect with you at the Show. Shoot us an email to project@soom.la if you want to meet.

Clash of Coins

I have been spending a lot of time recently with the popular game Clash of clans by Supercell. The game is well known for leading the top grossing charts and so I wanted to learn what makes it wildly successful. I have made a mission for myself not to spend a dime on it. In addition to saving me...

30 Publishers for your Mobile Game

Are you looking to partner with a publisher for distributing your game. I know many of you do. I recently came across this list on Guy Bendov's blog. 30 Publishers for your Mobile Game  

Soomla is Hitting the Slopes

Early rising Soomla team on its way to off-pist off-site.

How to Make a Game Economy – Five Mistakes Game Devs should Avoid

We at SOOMLA aim to provide people who make mobile games the know-how to develop better virtual economies in their games. Our commitment to help not only includes making our own turn-key in-game purchase stores and off the shelf virtual economies as good as possible, we are continuously researching existing mobile games for new ways to monetize them with...