+300% Blog Traffic with No Marketing Team

Our blog traffic went up 300% in the last 4 months despite having to let go of our marketing team earlier this year. This blog post will cover: How we did itHow you can do it to +300% from 1 to 4 or from 10K to 40K

Heatmaps Battle – Episode vs. Facebook Ads

This week we launched super exciting feature into beta - click heatmaps. This has been in the works for quite some time so we are happy to finally release it. Naturally we are celebrating it with a new blog post about the subject. We will compare heatmaps for 2 ad experiences on both ends of the spectrum.

IDFA-14 Minimal Impact on SOOMLA

This is an email we sent our customers earlier this week. We are posting it on our blog so other interested parties could access the information as well. Dear Customer, As most of you have heard already, Apple made a move that will likely neutralize the IDFA as an effective identifier...

IDFA-14 – The Impact on Ad LTV and Ad-Monetization

So the word is out and everyone knows that Apple is cracking down on it’s own IDFA system with iOS 14. You probably read all about it and there is nothing new I can add from a news standpoint. The 2 cents I can add are on topics nobody talks about except for SOOMLA:

Where is VOODOO Racing to? – Portfolio Planning with AdIntel

I mostly try to focus my writing on content rather than product features. However, it does look like the posts that get the most attention from our readers are driven by new data we are adding to AdIntel. So this is going to be a post about new features and new data. To be honest, old data...